“If there is one thing that brings me back to this place it's their potato. It's a Bavarian cream filled treat with a marzipan outer shell dusted with cocoa powder. This caloric bomb is definitely my Kryptonite!”  Find more happy potato lover reviews on Yelp

Remember that pink box tied with string that grandpa brought when he visited? He got it here!

What is Marzipan?     Nielsen's Pastries' marzipan is made with almond paste, powdered sugar, and egg whites. We shape the marzipan with special rolling pins for our decorated cakes. Marzipan and almond paste are essential ingredients in popular delicacies found in many countries. They are used when baking dessert pastries, cookies, sweet breads, tortes and cakes. A marzipan covered cake has a smooth surface. It also seals in the cake's moisture and imparts a delicate almond flavor to the cake. 

Urbanspoon_logo.jpgNielsen's Pastries has been baking traditional Danish pastries for more than 40 years.   They know what they are doing. The aroma grabs you off the street with the promise of pastry comforts and doesn't let you down. Great pastries, good coffee,homemade soups, sandwiches and salads, amazing marzipan cakes, and one of a kind desserts. You will understand the tradition and want it to be part of yours. I love this place!  UrbanSpoon where people declare their love for Nielsen's Pastries.

"My co-workers and I love this place. Happy hour is the best. The staff is always friendly and the espresso drinks are well made with quality beans. Get the potato! Find more reviews from happy potato lovers on Yelp.


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What a treat this place was. It was kind of hard to find at first; it's tucked away on 2nd ave. Don't bother driving. Very warm and cozy; yet plenty of space. There's tons of books to look over and the daily newspapers are there too. But wait--the best part is the goodies!! Get yourself a "potato" & a "kringle" for sure. I also got a delicious chocolate truffle type thing with choc. mousse inside; can't remember the name but it had a dusting of pistachio on top. So, like I said "GO HERE". Especially if you are staying in these hotels: Marqueen Hotel,
The Mediterranean Inn, or the Inn at Queen Anne. These hotels are all within easy walking distance (although it is a lil bit of an incline). Warning: this place closes kinda early, and it is completely closed on SUNDAY!! Seattle CitySearch 



A custard and whipped cream
filled pastry puff covered with
a layer of marzipan, and dipped
in dutch cocoa powder.  

"The Best Thing in the World!"


Sarah Bernhardt

Luscious chocolate mousse on
an almond macaroon, poured
with a thin layer of dark chocolate.
Created for the famous french


Almond Crescent

Almond pastry rolled in sliced
almonds and dipped in chocolate.



The traditional Danish
"wedding cake".
A sweet baked almond pastry
decorated with white icing,
and dipped in chocolate.


Napoleon Hats

Delectable almond filling on
a buttery cookie crust, and
dipped in chocolate.



A rich almond cake on a cookie
crust with a layer of raspberry
jam, topped with caramelized