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Nielsen's Pastries buttery danish pastries & other delicious treats are fresh baked each morning! Still handmade the traditional way from authentic recipies, using creamery butter, house made jam and fresh ingredients.


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Remember that pink box tied with string that grandpa brought when he visited? He got it here!

We bake daily in limited quantities. Call ahead and we'll be happy to set aside what you'd like - from one potato or many.

Danish and other pastries
Classic Danish - with fruit, cream cheese or custard
Cinnamon Rolls
Each $2.75 Dozen $29.50

Traditional Kringles $13.75
Coffeecake $2.95

Savory Pastry
Ham & provolone, Spinach & feta, Sundried tomato cream cheese, etc.
Savory Pastries $3.25


Shortbread, chocolate chip, oatmeal, monster cookies, bad boys and more!
Cookies are made with all butter.
Mix and match! Each $ .85 Dozen $8.50

Dessert Pastries
Sarah Bernhardts $3.75
Toscas $2.95
Almond Crescents $2.95
Napoleon Hats $2.95
Kransekage $2.95
Eclairs $3.75
Our famous Potato* pastry $3.75
* Nielsen's Famous "Potato" Pastry! A cream puff shell filled with a mixture of whipped cream and custard, topped with a thin layer of marzipan and dipped in cocoa powder. 
The best thing in the world!

Marzipan Cakes 

Our delectable Marzipan Cakes are made to order for any occasion! Three layers of sponge cake with raspberry or apricot jam spread on the bottom layer and filled with a delightful mixture of custard and whipped cream. Finished with a thin covering of marzipan. Traditional filling is our "Raspberry Rum" which is made from raspberry jam with a vanilla filling and rum sprinkled on the cake layers. 

Cake orders require at least 2 days advance notice. 

Marzipan Wedding Cakes
An elegant choice. Light and luscious!
Friends and family will applaud your good taste.
Order your wedding cake ahead to ensure availability.

We serve lunch daily

Enjoy here in our coffee shop, or take it to go.
Sandwiches - 2 or 3 Classics made each morning on our own foccacia bread.
Tuna, Egg Salad, Chicken Salad, Turkey & Pesto w/Provolone,Muffuletta (Italian Salami), and other similar creations.
Whole Sandwich $5.00 - $5.75
Half Sandwich $2.75
Quinoa or Pasta Salad $4.50

Homemade - Simple and Delicious!
Two different soups are made every day.

Cup $3.75
Bowl $4.50
Cup of Soup & Half a Sandwich $5.50

Espresso and Coffee Drinks made with Olympia Coffee – A small batch artisan roaster based in Olympia, Washington.